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Cookie Consent is a surreal, satirical musical solo show that explores our relationship with the internet, the ‘digital gaze’ and the modern phenomenon of growing up online. Through comedic monologues and songs, this show asks: how is the internet really affecting us? And what has it taught us about love?

Extracts of Cookie Consent have been performed at the Calder Bookshop Theatre and Katzpace Solo Showcase 2020. The development of this show was supported by Haley McGee's Solo Show Lab 2019 and Catalyst Festival 2020.

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" 'Cookie Consent' is a hyper-relevant, uber-relatable, joyous investigation into our multifaceted relationship with the internet and privacy...this show delivers unexpected poignancy and deeply catchy tunes."  
 -   Haley McGee

" Incredible. An impressive feat. Abigail Glasser is one talented cookie."
 -   How's My Fringe? Podcast

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